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Colombia - Non-Governmental Organizations Flags

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Asociación Colombiana de Hospitales y Clínicas - ACHC

image by Eugene Ipavec, 1 September 2010

Last night in a tv interview I saw the flag of the ACHC (Asociación Colombiana de Hospitales y Clínicas, Colombian Association of Hospitals and Clinics). The flag is a white horizontal flag with the logo  on the middle, as seen here:
The ACHC is a non-profit organization established in 1956 and its goals are to strengthen the technical and administrative functions of all its institutions-members through information, communication,  instruction and representation. The ACHC is a member of the IHF (International Hospital Federation) and  the AHA (American Hospital Association).
For more, please see: ACHC (official website).
Esteban Rivera, 30 August 2010

CEA - Consejo de Empresas Americanas

The CEA is a private association of U.S. capital companies established in Colombia. It was established to promote US companies' investments in Colombia, through coordination with the US Embassy in Bogotá and the local authorities as well, fostering strategic alliances with economic sectors in both countries.

The flag is a white horizontal background with the logo in the middle, and the name below, as seen in the following pictures:
- Image1 and Image2 (Source:
 Image3 (Source: )

For additional information go to:  CEA (Official website) 
Esteban Rivera, 28 August 2011


image located by Esteban Rivera, 30 March 2011

"CORPOGUAVIO is a public corporation created under the law, with administrative autonomy, legal personality and its own capital, that is part of the territorial entities that constitute geographically the same ecosystem or configure a geopolitical, bio-geographic or hydro-geographic unit and legally charged with administering, within the area under its jurisdiction, the environment and renewable and non-renewable natural resources, and promoting sustainable development in compliance with the legal provisions and policies of the ministry of the environment."
Source :\_Guavio-CORPOGUAVIO.
The flag of the Corporación Autónoma Regional del Guavio is presented here.
"La Corporación Autónoma Regional del Guavio - Corpoguavio adoptó un diseño de bandera que presenta como característica básica el tener una gran fuerza simbólica, dando importancia al azul y el verde como colores representativos. El diseño de la bandera muestra tres franjas horizontales, las de los extremos de igual tamaño, y la central un poco más grande en su orden: azul, blanco y verde representando las tres actividades básicas de la Corporación: Protección del recurso agua, Trasparencia y Compromiso con el medio ambiente. En la franja blanca central se ubica el Logosímbolo en los colores originales.
La bandera debe colocarse en todos los eventos importantes para la Corporación como uno de sus símbolos representativos.

"Regional Autonomous Corporation Guavio - Corpoguavio adopted a flag design that presents a basic to have great symbolic force, stressing the blue and green as representative colors.
The design of the flag shows three horizontal bands, the ends of equal size, and plant a little larger in order: blue, white and green representing the three basic activities of the Corporation: Protection of water resources, Transparency and Commitment to the environment. In the central white stripe logo symbol is located in the original colors.The flag should be placed in all major events for the Corporation as one of its representative symbols.
Valentin Poposki, 30 August 2010

Any CAR (Corporación Autónoma Regional) (Regional Autonomous Corporation) is a public corporate entity integrated with all other relevant territorial authorities that together belong to a geographical basin or ecosystem and they are in charge of enforcing the environmental policies of the Ministerio del Medio Ambiente (Ministry of Environment) in that specific region.
They were first mentioned in Article 23, Law 99 of December 22, 1993, and then each CAR was established by a particular Decree later.

The full list of CAR's is seen here (total of 33):

The image CORPOGUAVIO can be found here:

However there's currently a Bill in Congress that estipulates the closure of 32 of these CAR's given the poor response and bad management that they faced during the 2010 local flood crisis.
Source:  (January 20, 2011)

All the CAR's are represented in ASOCARS, the Association of all the CAR's. Each CAR has its own logo and flag.
For the logos of all 33 CAR's please see the following:
Another CAR flag is seen here:\/Marzo_2011/MARC_GIRARDOT.jpg&w=250 (Flag of the CAR of Cundinamarca).
Esteban Rivera, 30 March 2011

DEMIL - Asociación Defensoría Militar

from <> located by Eugene Ipavec, 4 April 2011

The DEMIL (Asociación Defensoría Militar) (Military Defense Association) it's a non-profit organization established in 1996 to defend soldiers investigated for crimes (mainly in active duty).
Its flag is a horizontal flag, divided diagonally from left to right (top to bottom) in two equal stripes, top white and bottom green, with the logo in the middle.
A screenshot taken from yesterday's news broadcast by Noticias UNO, from this link. In the image, one can see three desktop flags, which are from left to right: Army, Colombia and DEMIL.
For additional information please see: Defensoría Militar (official website):
Esteban Rivera, 4 April 2011

FRACOL - Federacion de Clubes de Radioaficionados de Colombia

from <> located by Jaume Ollé, 18 June 2001

Fundación Clínica Shaio

image by Eugene Ipavec, 13 August 2010

Yesterday the Colombian recently inaugurated Vice President had to be interned due to heart problems in the FCS (Fundación Clínica Shaio). Later that night on CM& ( ) news telecast, a spokesperson was shown in an interview, with the flag of the medical institution on the background.
The flag is a white horizontal flag with the logo on the middle.
The medical institution was founded in 1957.
For further information please visit: FCS (official website)
Esteban Rivera, 10 August 2010

Colombian Scouts

Coat of Arms of Colombian Scouts (Colombian chapter).
Source: "Himnos y Símbolos de Nuestra Colombia", page 271. Written in 2000 by Julio Cesar García, edited by Camer Editores. ISBN 958-33-1489-7.
E. R., 12 June 2005

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Misión Médica

Yesterday, RCN News channel shows an article and on this video one can see a Pennant of Misión Médica (on elapsed time 1:40 through 1:42), on a car on a medical mission.
The Pennant is a vertical white background with the logo of Misión Médica in the middle.
There are two other pictures ore one can see the logo in vehicles used for medical purposes here and here.
E. R., 22 February 2010